Residential Site Plan

Site Plan

A site plan is a detailed graphic and written document that shows how a site will be developed. It is a legally binding, professionally prepared proposal for the use and development of a parcel of land. Some of the key elements of a site plan are property boundaries, land topography, proposed and/or existing structures, easements, utilities, and roadways.

Site plans are intended to show how the intended land use relates to the features of a parcel and its surrounding area. The zoning administrator will review a site plan to assure that the proposed development meets the standards of the zoning code for the district it is located in. This person will also verify that the development will be adequately served by necessary public facilities such as roads, schools, water, emergency services, and sewage disposal. The site plan review process is designed to protect landowners and it is in their best interest to comply with the procedure. A development that is in full compliance with the zoning code has the best insurance against land use lawsuits and complaints. Development that is not in compliance with the zoning code is unlikely to be granted any further development permits until it is brought into compliance.

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Each city and county has separate regulations and requirements for development in their respective jurisdictions. Below are a couple examples of Site Plans performed in different areas:

Virginia Beach Site Plan

Page 1Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 1
Page 2Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 2
Page 3Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 3
Page 4Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 4
Page 5Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 5
Page 6Virginia Beach Site Plan Page 6


Norfolk Site Plan
Norfolk Site Plan

As you can see from these examples, the amount of detail required depends largely on the jurisdiction the site is located in. Another factor that also plays an important role is the total area of the proposed improvements. Unlike Virginia Beach, Norfolk single-family residential site plans do not require many of the development notes, calculations, and details as shown above.