Resubdivision Plat

A plat is a recorded map, drawn to scale, showing and describing the division of property. A resubdivision plat is used to vacate or alter the location of existing property lines between two or more adjacent properties. They are primarily needed when purchasing or selling a portion of property.

Resubdivision plats can also be used to eliminate encroachments like existing buildings that extend onto a neighboring property. Depending on the jurisdiction, they are also used for property line vacation to satisfy the City or County’s requirements for new construction or re-development.

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Other Plats

A resubdivision plat is the most commonly sought plat service we offer, but there are many different types of plats. A few of the other plats we offer include:

  • Easement Plat
  • R/W Dedication Plat
  • Condominium Plat

The example provided (right) demonstrates a detached garage and multiple driveways encroaching onto the neighboring properties. This plat has relocated the property line between these two properties to eliminate the encroachments.

Resubdivision Plat
Resubdivision Plat